Frequently Asked Questions - ►Information about staying at CERN

We will reserve either single (58CHF/night) or double rooms (38.50CHF/person/night) in our CERN hotel for the duration of the programme (rooms with toilet and shower en-suite; bed linen and towels are provided). Please note that it is not possible to further extend your stay at the CERN hotel. If you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer, please find below a list of hotels close to CERN:

During the programme, you will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at CERN’s Restaurant 1 (building 501) (opening hours: 7am until midnight; 7am-11pm during weekends).

In case of an emergency (fire, accident, etc.) at CERN you should call our Fire Brigade. The telephone number is 74444 (from any phone inside CERN) or +41 22 767 4444 (from your mobile). Our fire brigade is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

If you feel sick, which we sincerely do not hope, you can go to CERN’s ambulant medical service. Tel: 73186 or 78435 (from inside CERN), +41 22 767 3186 or +41 22 767 8435 respectively. If you have serious health problems outside the opening hours of the medical service (8:30am-12:00pm and 2:00-5:30pm), please call the Fire Brigade (+41 22 767 4444).

CERN is located on both sides of the border between Switzerland and France. The most commonly used currency is Swiss Franc (CHF) but payments may also be made in Euros (EUR). There is a UBS bank located on site and ATM’s are available. Both the CERN hotel and CERN’s restaurants accept cash and credit cards.

At CERN, you can only smoke in specially-marked areas. All buildings (including the CERN hotel) are non-smoking facilities.

If you bring a device with Wi-Fi card, you can access the CERN network by following a simple authorisation procedure (find more information on this website). You can apply for this in advance by following the procedure with the mobile device that you intend to bring with you, using this link (Please add your CERN contact as guaranteeing contact person).
At CERN, you can also connect to the Eduroam network and there is also a dedicated "CERN-Visitors" network, which provides you with limited access for 24h. However, we strongly advise you to use the official CERN network, as this gives you full access to the World Wide Web.

YES! You may take photographs of everything at CERN - but you will need a camera. So please do not forget to bring one with you!

Swiss power sockets look different from standard European ones - not to speak about those from Central America or other parts of the world. Therefore, please bring an adaptor to connect your devices to either Swiss or European power sockets.

During the programme you will visit many CERN facilities and also do a walking tour of the city as part of the programme. Please make sure to bring along both comfortable and suitable shoes.
For safety reasons, high-heeled shoes, open-toed shoes, flip-flops or sandals are not permitted for the visits of the CERN facilities.

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